At Homes One we pride ourselves on being buyer-centric.

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And while that means we represent our client's interests above all else, equally as important is our understanding of the worlds they inhabit.

Over the last decade, our clients have hailed from over thirty different countries.

As a result, as a business we exist in a continuum of learning.

For many of our Indian customers, Vastu is a huge consideration. This ancient Vedic architectural science is central to many sub-continental property purchases, and it is common for a client to call their Vastu adviser directly from viewings in the prime London residential markets.

Considerations such as the height of the road in relation to the property, and sleeping with ones head pointed away from the north, are key priorities.

And while you and I might prefer a south-facing garden, some Saudi clients prefer north-easterly facing properties, to ensure a similar cooling breeze to those they experience at home.

Often middle-eastern clients won't buy basements because they don't have them at home. That's where they keep their car collections!

Muslim families buying in London may prefer natural light from the east as this is the direction of the ‘Qibla’ in Mecca that so many pray towards.

Some Chinese customers look to avoid properties with the unlucky four attached, and favour number eight in the address, above all else. (Some incidental trivia: that's why buildings in the China with '50 floors' may only have 35 actual, physical floors - for the next time you're confused in a Beijing elevator).

Clients are quirky. It’s not just cultural influences that set the tone of our transactions. Some people prefer porters to living space; gardens to bedrooms; quietness to location, schools within walking distance to being near the tube.

We make it our business to see these things as early as possible in the relationship, and speak precisely to each of client’s needs as we befriend them, and ultimately save them money and find them their perfect home.

Buyer-centricity is not corporate jargon.

It's one of our passions, because we learn so much from our clients.

They expand our minds and horizons.

And in return, we understand and expand theirs.

Karim Bazzi