The best advice... or no advice.


That's the way the property industry is moving. Like society we are seeing a polarisation!

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That's the way the property industry is moving. Like society we are seeing a polarisation!

It's a polarisation of the currency which has kept agents, whether buying or selling, in clover for so long: advice.

And as we all know, advice is an over-sourced commodity. There's a lot of it about and you never quite know what you're going to get. That's why I see the changes in property to be positive. There is a democratisation going on of mid-low fi product and peer-to-peer sales. It's like information on the internet - it needs its own search engine.

People used to do that but now there's so much product and so little time that of course someone has invented an algorithm to replace many of them. And just as well, because much of the advice at that end of the market was designed with one thing in mind: to move the recipient into a transaction as quickly as possible. In other words it was manipulative, subjective and throwaway.

What's the point in paying for that?

It's a great example of robots doing something better than humans. Advice needs to be honest, impartial and valuable. The advisor needs to take their time, they need to consider the context, they need the market intelligence and they need to know themselves and their customer well.

And above all else they need experience.

Experience bolsters intuition, which is often where the biggest gains can be made. A sixth sense of the sum of all factors, and an eye for future trends, can only be based on years spent on the front lines. All this doesn't come cheap, so while the coders make the property acquisition process free for the masses, at the top end of the market advice is likely to increase in price as premium purchases continue to rise in value. As ultra high value property continues to appreciate, the difference between good advice and bad advice can see the buyer or seller millions out of pocket.

That's why having a buying agent makes so much sense.

And it's why I'm so proud of our flagship statistic: over 11 years in business we've saved our clients more than their fee in over 95% of transactions.

That means that essentially, our services have been free in the vast majority of our instructions. It also means, given we operate at the top end of the market on significant commissions, that we save our clients a huge amount of money.

It always gets me thinking... we should really charge more! I'm joking. I love to know we've created value, and engineered a win-win situation so many times over.

Out of this practice I've created lifelong friendships and some extraordinary Homes. Good advice is hard to find but always worth paying for. The best advice is priceless, because it pays for itself many times over. That's the business we are in. And it's our mission here at Homes One: to deliver the best advice and see you profit from it, our fees included.

No algorithm will change that.

Karim Bazzi