Autumn newsletter (and sale!)

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Dear friends,

We know what you’re thinking:

‘The property market is dead and there is no news until Brexit’.


‘This is the flattest market in a decade and now Karim is going to try and sell me some property… or even worse, ask me to buy some.’

But these thoughts are short sighted!

Even in a market like this things are happening. Deals are being done (we’ve had three in-house deals since summer and we are hearing strong performances at our associates). And as the mediocre fall out of the game, the stage is being set for the cycle to return, as sure as the seasons change.

Launch announcement: Homes One Interiors

In tune with these beliefs, we are launching a new division of our business:

Announcing Homes One Interiors

I must be the luckiest man in London to now spend even more time with my beautiful and talented wife, Najwa Mroue, who will head up the new venture.

Najwa was born in Paris and raised in Beirut. Witnessing wartime chaos and destruction as she grew up, Najwa developed a craving for order and function. From a young age she had a sense for the psychology of good design, and was always present to how happy that made her feel.

At Homes One Interiors, we believe that your home is your sanctuary, reflecting your identity and lifestyle. We see simple functionality and workability as beautiful things. For this reason we seek to understand our clients first and foremost, and see things the way they do. From there our response to each brief is unique and bespoke, and resonant with our client’s vision and values.

Quite out of character we recently agreed to be interviewed by a colleague! Read more about our working partnership here:

New buildings being launched:

We have early access for our clients on some exciting projects.

-      Our first Homes One offering in Dubai, in partnership with Sobha Hartland:

-      West Kensington – The Atelier:

-      Bayswater – Park Modern:

-      Covent Garden:

Plus our first Homes One Interiors project in Morrocco (see image above!)

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The best stories this month:

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Autumn sale:

We’re waiving our retainer for the month of November, on new purchases.

Drop in soon

At present both my own and Najwa’s work is central London based. This means we are never too far from our offices at the Pavilion, which is just above The Ivy on Kensington High Street.

You are always welcome to drop in for a property-focused catch up. We’d love to see you.

Very best,


Karim Bazzi