Remember - the government needs these guys!


Afraid of a no-deal Brexit?

Worried about economic Armageddon?

Bewildered by the ineptitude of government?

We are too.

But lately, as Homes One Commercial has made its first forays into the annals of corporate property, we’ve seen signs to be positive about. Not only is our own HQ, Pavilion in Kensington High Street (just above The Ivy), alive with exciting tech start-ups, but London itself is heaving with e-business.

A few insights for us all to remember in these geo-politically uncertain times (remember the government works for these guys):

It’s reported Amazon have taken on 600,000 sq ft in the Unsquare Mile - where the city meets Shoreditch – which could be home to 5000 staff when full. In a recent press release Amazon ‘celebrates the industrial heritage and rich culture of Shoreditch’… and all this in addition to their already leviathan spaces over Holborn Viaduct. Amazon promise a rotating selection of exhibits from local artists.

I have to say I don’t know any painters, sculptures or potters who can still afford Shoreditch... still, welcome, Amazon!

And our friends tell us Facebook has also taken 600,000 sq ft over three new buildings in King’s Cross, designed to more than double its UK workforce from 2300 at the start of this year to 6000 at the beginning of next. ‘The UK is one of the best places in the world to be a technology company and we are investing here for the long-term.’ said Steve Hatch, Facebook’s European CEO. And London Mayor Saddiq Khan commented: ‘We welcome Facebook’s long-term commitment which is further evidence that London is open for business and a world-leading destination for tech companies.’

As if that wasn’t enough Apple are moving in to Battersea Power Station in 2021, taking six floors and half a million sq ft, relocating 1400 staff from existing offices into this historic south west London development. Again our Mayor Saddiq Khan weighs in: ‘I am delighted that Apple is moving into Battersea Power Station‎, helping to generate new jobs and economic prosperity for Londoners. It is a further sign that London is open to the biggest brands in the world and the leading city for trade and investment.’

Here at Homes One we agree with you Saddiq.

And we hope the government does too!

But it’s not just the big(gest) boys. Deliveroo has opened it’s new offices on the River Thames near Cannon Street, housing 600 employees (increasing to 900 by the end of the year) with 27 meeting rooms named after favourite foods… and dropping £364m in the process. Deliveroo are jist one of 13 tech ‘unicorns’ who are based here in the UK – that is businesses with over £1bn market capitalization. Others include Transferwise, FundingCiricle and FarFetch. Deliveroo CEO Dan Warne says ‘at our new office we are creating one of London’s biggest tech hubs, which will continue to grow and support the British technology industry.’

They can’t all be wrong.

Can they?!

Karim Bazzi