Homes One September Newsletter: now is always the right time to buy... for somone!


We have one core belief here at Homes One:

Now is always the right time to buy… for someone!

Not all the people all the time - but some people most of the time.

And our job at Homes One is to find the right product, and match it with that special someone.

So in the Brexit wilderness that is UK residential property in late 2019, which customer profile is best suited to buy, as the geo-political socio-economic circumstances continue their ambiguous, volatile trajectory out into the unknown?!

For whom is now the right time to buy?

I spend A LOT of time answering this question!

And if you travelled to Europe or the US for your August break, then I hope you've kept your hard currency in local tender.

Because it's looking like pretty soon the only people who will be able to buy London property will be those with dollars or euros.

Our estimate is that a weak pound could add as much as 25% to a buyers margin, if they use foreign currency in the coming period… and that’s on top of the discounts available to buyers in a truly flat UK market which is somewhere around 10-15% off peak. In 5 -10 years a property investment now could look like a very shrewd move.

'Twas always thus that investors lie in wait, for this stage in the cycle… and particularly for those with foreign currency, in this instance, now is most definitely the right time to buy.

Picture above from recently completed project by Homes One Interiors:

Location: Belgravia.

Type: Three bedroom apartment – untouched for 25 years prior to our involvement.

Job: Complete layout and refurb changes. All furniture, curtains and joinery designed by Homes One Interiors and tailor made for this property.

Look: Elegant Art Deco feel with hints of blue. Completed: Delivered to the client on time and on budget in August 2019.

New off market opportunity:

We have access to an off market development in Kensington called Lancer Square, just around the corner from our offices. Please call or click on the below for further info.

Wishing you all the very best in navigating the months to come.



T: 07958 485 611

Karim Bazzi