At it's best:

  • Moments from Chelsea and Belgravia but at significant discounts
  • 'Pimlico Grid' has grans and beautiful stucco fronted architecture
  • Quiet residential streets with many great flats
  • Excellent public transport - tube, train and bus
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Ecclestone and Warwick Squares; Pimlico Grid

At it's worst:

  • 'Pimlico Grid' is small and quality drops off quickly around it
  • Large areas of council flats, cheap hotels, and a train station (Victoria)
  • many 'pied a terres' which can give the area a lifeless feel

General Price Guide:

  • Flats: £900 p/sq ft - £2000 p/sq ft
  • Houses: £800 p/sq ft - 18000 p/sq ft