Who are we and who are our clients?

Our Team


Karim Bazzi | Founder Homes One
T: +44 (0) 7958 485611
E: karimbazzi@homes-one.com


Having worked in the Prime Central London property industry for several years, Karim founded Homes One in 2005. His aim was to set up a client focused, personalised and trustworthy search agency to help people in all aspects of their property purchase.

Karim is well known for working hard to get the best deals and terms for his clients, specialising in high end transactions, investments and residential developments. 


His extensive network of professional advisors and industry professionals as well as an intimate knowledge of London enables him to tackle any issue arising throughout the property purchase process.

Karim grew up in Kensington and was educated at Westminster School and UCL. Having lived in West London since the age of 5 has helped him gain intimate knowledge of all aspects of London life and make great lifelong connections in many fields.


Najwa Mroue | Founder Homes One Interiors
T: +44 (0) 7738 528 977
E: najwa@homes-oneinteriors.com

Najwa has been part owner of Homes One since 2006. After having showed herself to have a fantastic eye for the interior design of our clients’ properties she qualified with London’s elite KLC school of design. She has now set up Homes One Interiors and that is part of the value added that Homes One offers our clients in assisting them with the furnishing and refurbishment of their investments and homes.


Ben Hewitt | Head of Business Development
T: +44 (0) 7776 131 138
E: ben@homes-one.com

Ben is an expert business developer and has advised Homes One for several years in the areas of brand, marketing, lead generation, sales and customer care. Ben brings a unique perspective to our operations, enabling us to work smarter and stay agile in the fast-paced change of London property, and to create and share content that speaks directly from our suite of services to our audience. We trust him with our business, our message and our clients and enjoy a partnership that ultimately helps us to do less while getting more done, and grow our business in the process.

Our Clients

Our clients are used to outperforming whatever market or sector they have specialized in, however London’s property market represents a fresh challenge.

Mainly they are concerned about three things:

  • Missing out

  • Over-paying

  • Wasting time

Our clients are in need of more than just financial value. Ultimately they are looking for support in navigating complex terrain, and they appreciate and expect an excellent customer experience - the kind that they enjoy elsewhere in their lives.

The London property industry is unfamiliar territory at the best of times. No matter where the buyer is based, they will only make this kind of purchase on a handful of occasions in their lifetime. With the property market in constant flux, the process is full of potential pitfalls, amidst increasingly fast-paced regulatory change.


Having representatives who are in constant dialogue with all stakeholders is essential at all price brackets in the market, where the wrong approach can lead to significant swings in price. Despite having outperformed markets elsewhere, buyers are often vulnerable to the harder commercial edges of London estate agencies, and potentially seriously out of pocket.

The right representation negotiates on the client’s behalf, and protects the buyer from any lack of clarity and in the worst cases, manipulation and financial loss.

As such they are in need of guidance in a highly changeable and unfamiliar marketplace, and we are here to provide it.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Karim. He is honest, reliable, hardworking and, most importantly, has excellent knowledge of the central London property market. By taking the time to really understand exactly what I was looking for he quickly found the perfect property. His tenacious persistence in helping with acquisition negotiations has been instrumental in converting the search into a successful exchange.
— SZ, CEO, Dubai