Finding and buying a dream home often transcends reason

Our clients have usually been guided by rational thought and strategy for a long time, and although these qualities are central to their lives and maintaining their investments, now they are looking to fall in love with somewhere new, and enjoy the fruits of their work.

Guidance is an ancient concept. To guide someone is not just to accompany and lead them through uncertainty and challenge, but also to support others in tapping into their own internal guidance and intuition. At Homes One we have always and will always seek to do both for our clients.

Our company values are integrity, independence and collaboration. We focus on service to our clients above all else, alongside good business strategy and work life balance. Often we befriend our clients and help them get to know London.

We are passionate about our work and our industry and we are in the know. It has been our pleasure to successfully guide clients through this famously unfamiliar territory, since 2005.

We get London for what it is, where it is going, and why it is great. We understand what property means here, why it is so important to different people, and how and why the city is constantly changing. That’s why so many of our clients feel we truly understand them and their needs, and why they feel our advice is so invaluable
— Karim Bazzi